Coal supply boosts power production

Increased availability of coal has helped power producers across the country generate a shade over their target until January-end this fiscal, compared with a shortfall of about 8,000 mw in the year-ago period. Besides, according to the Central Electricity Authority’s data, the power plants are well stocked for eight days of generation on full capacity, compared with five days in November 2012, when coal production was affected by the cyclone. “With a dry winter and the chill gradually dying away, coal production has improved, leading to greater supply. Easy availability of rakes has also helped increase stocks at the power stations,” said a senior CILBSE -2.03 % official, who did not wish to be named, explaining that this helped the power producers exceed their target for April 2012 to January 2013 by 124 mw. The situation has improved considerably since November, when coal stocks in 52 of the 91 units had plunged to critical levels, or below the supplies required for generation for a week. The number of such units has declined to 33. Similarly, the number of power stations with stocks adequate for less than four days has declined to 19 from 35 over this period. NTPCBSE -2.12 %, the country’s largest producer, has managed to meet 81% of its April-Jan target, compared with 78% in the previous year.

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2 Responses

  1. Kumar Deo says:

    Nice post Kalyan. But need some clarification.
    I read recently that CIL’s inability of supplying required coal to power producers are basically because Indian Railways not able to provide required racks to CIL for coal evacuation. On an average there is deficit of 6 racks per day which results in nearly 22,800 tonnes of coal not being evacuated per day from mines.
    But in the post, it’s said that situation has improved. Much appreciated if you could please elaborate more on this. Thank you.
    – Kumar Deo

  2. KalyanVerma says:

    Dear Mr.Kumar Deo,thanks for showing interest in According to the latest figures provided by Press Information Bureau,Government of India,the average daily rake loading in Jan 2013 by CIL was 210 rakes against 185 rakes in Jan 2012. Thus the Government’s measures to boost coal production and supply have shown a positive impact. For more details please go through the following link

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