Gencos must first declare coal quality to get green clearance

In a bid to fast-track the process of environmental and forest clearances (EC and FC) for thermal power projects, power companies will have to furnish details about the quality of coal, such as its calorific value, sulphur content and ash content, in the initial environment management plan (EMP).

“In case of thermal power projects, which are dependent on domestic coal supply from the basket of mines of Coal India with valid EC/FC, proposals for environmental clearance would be considered, if the information on the coal quality parameters, that is, calorific value, sulphur content and ash content in respect of the mines in the basket, is provided in the EIA/EMP report,” the environment ministry said in a circular today.

As regards environmental clearance for imported coal-based ultra mega thermal power projects, the imported coal would need to have a gross calorific value of 5,000 Kcal/kg, ash content of 12% maximum and sulphur content of 0.8% maximum.

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