India has strong case to show how US is using climate change to promote its companies: CSE

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has termed the US charges that India’s National Solar Mission is discriminating against foreign companies as ‘hogwash’.

The US has filed a challenge in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against India’s National Solar Mission — the charge is that the mission discriminates against foreign solar companies.

The US lawmakers have used phrases such as “India isn’t playing by the rules” to support this action. The assertion is far from the truth, said CSE.

“The US is worried and is trying to browbeat India. India should not be cowed down. It has a very strong case to show to the world how the US has been using climate change to further the interests of its companies. The US is the one dumping cheap solar panels, not India,” it said.

Since the beginning of the National Solar Mission, which aims to make solar power affordable through its increased use and manufacturing, the US has used the loopholes in the mission as well as climate finance to the advantage of its manufacturers, CSE said.

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