Power Ministry to finalise bidding norms after talks with developers

The Power Ministry would finalise the new bidding norms for power projects after discussions with the developers, Power Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said today. The Ministry, which has constituted an advisory group in the sector which would address the concerns in the sector, will only send the documents to the EGoM after the group’s feedback. This move, however, is likely to further delay the documents in turn delaying the process of awarding new ultra mega power projects (UMPPs), according to experts. “Before taking them ( Standard Bidding Documents) to the EGoM, we will discuss it with the Advisory Group, which will meet in the next two weeks,” Scindia told reporters at a press conference here.
He said there were apprehensions expressed by the Advisory Group. “No harm in recirculating those documents and getting fresh inputs,” he said.

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  1. Raaj says:

    another capture of regulatory process
    state utilities have captured regulatory process
    to understand the process recollect serial yes minster serial
    minister is supposed to regulate industry after enjoying the hospitality of industry he become spokesperson of industry

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