US firm to provide solar lamps to students in remote areas

International Paper, the US-based paper major, has announced plans to provide solar energy lamps to students of zilla parishad schools in seven districts in Andhra Pradesh.

This move will cover the forest region where electricity shortage is a huge deterrent in the education of children. In the first phase of the three-year initiative, approximately 1,000 students from 15 schools will be provided solar lamps.

Children in areas with power shortage either give up on studies or use a kerosene lamp to study at night which is expensive, unsafe and impacts their health due to the fumes. It contributes to poor eyesight.

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  1. Raaj says:

    solar lamps and i believe pV cells and storage batteries would be also provided . The life of storage batteries is hardly one year unless Li batteries are provided .
    US firm does not know indian experience . A number of corporation provide street lights using solar lamps . buth tragedy is that batteries are getting stolen regularly and sold as scrap .
    some security feature may be needed to be provided

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