Andhra Pradesh Solar – Commercial Bid details

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As previously announced, APTRANSCO held a meeting on 5th March, 2013 for Price Bid opening for the recently concluded AP Solar bidding.

[Check out authors previous blogpost containing Technical Bid analysis here.]

During the meeting, APTRANSCO announced list of bidders who are technically qualified. 181 out of the original184 bidders have been announced as technically qualified. Check out the APTRANSCO document containing the complete list here.

It may come as a surprise to a lot of bidders that 3 new companies – ACME Tele Power Ltd., NCS Sugars Limited, Tesla Projects Pvt. Ltd. –  have been allowed by APTRANSCO to participate in the bidding under High Court Orders despite the fact that these companies have submitted only hard copies (no online submission was done within the deadline date). The alarming fact is that these 3 companies together have added 300 MW of bid capacity. This puts the total bid capacity at 1712 MW from 330 bids (not considering the bid capacity and no. of bids from the 3 disqualified bidders). Despite the clamour in the meeting room by several attendees as to how APTRANSCO could allow these 3 new companies to participate in the bidding when clearly the companies did not follow the rules laid down in the RfS bid document, APTRANSCO maintained that it was following AP High Court orders that were issued just a day earlier (4th March, 2013) directing APTRANSCO to consider the hard-copies of these companies.

A proper explanation in this matter by APTRANSCO would be much appreciated as it would clear the doubts in the minds of all the bidders.


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