Bosch pulls the plug on solar business

Bosch, the global major in automotive components, is shutting down its solar business. But, Bosch has promised to meet its commitments and timelines.

In India, the company started the photovoltaic business in 2011 as a turnkey solutions provider. The solar panels were procured from Bosch in Germany and the design, engineering and procurement of the overall systems were taken up by Bosch in India.

Steffen Berns, managing director, Bosch Limited, and president of Bosch Group in India, confirmed: “The decision to discontinue cell and module manufacturing by Bosch Germany from 2014 will not hamper our ongoing projects in India. The Solar India team will focus on completion of the Indian projects. Bosch in India shall continue to explore business opportunities in other areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency that Bosch is active in, e.g. solar thermal energy, heat-pumps, wind power, solar inverters as well as of course efficiency technologies in automotive applications.”

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