Efforts on to ensure seven-hour power supply to farm sector

Amidst tough power supply situation and growing demand-supply mismatch, AP Transco on Friday reiterated that efforts are on to ensure seven-hour power supply to the farm sector.

Protecting crops

Reviewing the power supply situation, Hiralal Samariya, Chairman and Managing Director, AP Transco, said that all the Distribution Companies (Discoms) have been directed to give utmost priority to the agriculture sector to protect the standing crops during the rabi crop season.

The Discoms have been asked to closely monitor supply and take feedback from farmers.

He emphasised that not a single acre of crop will wither for want of power supply, in spite of several constraints in the power sector due to severe fuel crisis. There have been sustained efforts to ensure seven hours of power supply to the farmers. AP Transco has directed all Discoms to go in for uniform load relief throughout the State.


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