Summer power crunch looms large in AP

Power consumers in Andhra Pradesh are heading towards tough summer months ahead with the demand and supply gap likely to widen.

In spite of making additional purchases and generating additional power using high-cost fuel in gas-based power plants, the gap is unlikely to be fully bridged.

According to a statement from the State Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, energy demand has shot up to about 307 million units per day and the supply is now at about 245 MUs leaving a gap of about 62 MUs.

With the gas supply from Krishna Godavari basin coming down, generation from gas plants dipping, and low reservoir levels, hydel generation is also down.

This has resulted in power cuts ranging from three hours in major cities to over 12 hours in rural parts, and close to 15 days of power holidays for industries.

The dwindling gas supply has resulted in about 2,760 MW of gas power stations lying idle.

Meanwhile, the State has stepped up efforts to generate additional power by encouraging renewable energy sources. Setting up of solar and wind farms are now being encouraged. Solar bids are at an advanced stage of finalisation.

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