Sun Edison to offer ready-built solar project

Sun Edison India is planning a novel approach to setting up a 10 MW solar power project in Tamil Nadu.

In the context of the keen interest in investing in solar power generation in the State, Sun Edison, a US-based multinational company in solar power, believes there is an emerging market for ready-built solar power projects.

It will set up a 10 MW solar photovoltaic project and look for investors to sell the project, according to reliable sources.

Industry estimates peg the cost of solar power project at about Rs 8.5 crore a MW.

Sun Edison is betting on the State Government’s solar policy announced last year driving the demand for solar power projects.

In the Tamil Nadu Solar Power Policy, the Government stipulates that commercial and industrial power consumers must meet six per cent of their electricity consumption from solar power from January 2014.

Purchase obligation
The process has been initiated with a three per cent solar power purchase obligation taking effect from January this year.

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