$8 billion needed to evacuate green power, says Minister

Investments worth nearly $8 billion would be required to strengthen and develop the renewable power evacuation and transmission infrastructure for the planned renewable power capacity addition in the next five years.

various options

“We are looking at various options to raise financing for implementing this important report, including through public-private partnership,” said Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah.

Abdullah said that a federal outlay of around $4 billion has been earmarked for undertaking renewable energy activities during the next five years.

Currently, most of the renewable electricity generated within a State has to be absorbed within that State and grid balancing issues limit addition of more renewable electricity beyond a certain limit. Tamil Nadu, where wind penetration is around 50 per cent in terms of capacity, is experiencing such constraint. The sudden addition or withdrawal of wind power from the grid is already causing difficulties in grid operation.


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