Andhra Pradesh to purchase solar power at Rs 6.49 per unit

Andhra Pradesh government today fixed the benchmark price for purchase of solar power at Rs 6.49 per unit.

The Cabinet Sub-Committee on Power fixed the benchmark price at its meeting today.

The state government has invited bids from interested parties for generating solar power in view of the unprecedented electricity crisis.

“We hope to finalise the bids within a month now that the price has been fixed,” Finance Minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy said after the meeting.

The state government plans to generate 2000 MW of solar power to tide over the crisis, caused due to non-availability of traditional fuels like coal and gas besides depletion in reservoirs that led to a drastic fall in hydro power generation.

As per the new solar power policy announced by the state government, net metering facility will be implemented for consumers who set up solar PV plants on roof-tops, waste lands, industries, offices, institutions and residential complexes.

Subsidy will be provided by the Union Government up to 30 per cent of the panel cost up to a capacity of 500 KW without battery support.

Under the net metering facility, those who generate solar power can use required quantity for their own needs and feed the excess power into the grid.

Rate for such power has, however, not been fixed and the Cabinet Sub-Committee is expected to take a decision on this at its next meeting.

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