Get your own Solar rooftop PV plant with 30% subsidy : New scheme by SECI

Do you want to go Green with saving in electricity bill?
Do you have a rooftop area of 1000Sq meter or above?
Do you have a minimum electrical consumption of 100Kw to 500KW?

If, yes the newly launched pilot scheme of SECI is the answer to all the questions. The scheme is launched all over India, rooftop grid and off-grid project in range of 100kW to 500kW. The scheme will benefit most the commercial establishment who are paying high electricity bills and cannot go for open –access as they are below 1MW load.
The government is providing a subsidy of 30% and above all there is also a provision to feed extra electricity produced during minimum load hours to the grid.
The other benefit is income tax savings through Accelerated Depreciation. However, it is not clear that can these projects will also be eligible for RECs.
The proposals for pilot scheme are invited and preference will be given to projects which have fund arrangement in place. By industry standard the 100KW plant will be requiring an investment of around INR 9- 10 million.

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  1. S K SINGAL says:

    our Micro Indl Unit consumes 150 KW at Rasoi – 131029 in Haryana / NCR – otherwise suffering from regular trippings / restrictions in supply from UHBVNL that too at high costs; Can we really avail of your guidance to save on electricity bills as also uninterrupted supply ?

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