Notification to Successful Bidders for Allocation of Roof Top PV Projects in Selected Cities/States


In reference to the tender floated by the Solar Energy Corporation of
India(SECI) for implementation of Grid connected Rooftop Solar PV systems in
selected Cities/States in India. SECI is pleased to notify the successful bidders for the allocation of Roof Top PV.


M/s Azure Power India Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as the lowest bidder in on the four cities – Bangalore, chennai, Delhi, Gugaon.

M/s Azure Power India Pvt. Ltd. has quoted a tariff of Rs. 43/Wp in all cities.

As stipulated in the Tender documents (RFS), the successful bidder may start
submitting the project proposals but not later than 3 months. The following
documents may be submitted in accordance with RFS provisions:-
1. Project Report
2. Agreement between the bidder and the owner of the Project/Building
(Notarized original agreement copy should be enclosed)
3. No Objection Certificate from the concerned DISCOM for grid connectivity.


All other terms and conditions shall be as per RFS and subsequent Clarification(s),
amendment(s) and corrigenda issued by SECI.


Sanction letter will be issued to successful bidder(s) who submits the above
mentioned documents to the satisfaction of SECI and fulfill other terms &
conditions as laid down in the RFS documents and subsequent Clarification,
Amendments and Corrigenda issued by SECI.

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