Grid failure may not hit power supply

In order to avoid power blackouts due to grid collapse, the southern states including Tamil Nadu are expected to implement by August the ‘islanding’ schemes that would ensure power supply to major cities in the event of  disturbances in grids.
Post last year’s massive collapse of Northern grid that affected more than half of India’s population, the Central Electricity Authority has decided to implement the islanding scheme to isolate power installations from the main grid when fluctuations occur and to prevent a total collapse.
When these installations are disconnected from the grid, they can be used to re-energise the city’s power generation.According to the action taken report on the implementation of the Grid Disturbance Enquiry Committee (GDEC) recommendation, the planning body for the power sector, the four Southern states—AP, TN, Karnataka and Kerala—would have islanding scheme by August 2013.
As of now, six islanding schemes have been envisaged for the South. The biggest islanding scheme — capacity of 18,545 MW — would ensure essential power supplies to major cities in the four states. It would cover Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Chennai and Hosur (Tamil Nadu), and North Kerala.
Another scheme of 7,380 MW would cover the rest of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Islanding schemes are already in place in many parts of the country including Maharashtra.

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