DERC:: Tariff hiked in Delhi by 5%

Delhiites will have to pay more for their electricity consumption as the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) Friday increased the power tariff by five per cent. The effective hike in power tariffs will be 0.5 per cent for consumers in BRPL and BYPL areas, two per cent in the TPDDL area and four per cent in the NDMC area. The PPCA is currently 4.5 per cent in BSES areas, three per cent in TPDDL area and one per cent in NDMC area.

According to the new tariff, to come into effect from August 1, domestic power consumers will have to pay Rs.3.90 per unit for the first 200 units, instead of the earlier Rs.3.70 per unit. Each unit consumed between 201 and 400 units will cost Rs.5.80 per unit, as against the present Rs.5.50 per unit in that range of consumption. Those who were paying Rs.6.50 per unit for consuming power between 401 and 800 units will now have to pay Rs.6.80 per unit. Any consumption above 800 units will cost Rs.7 per unit. But after the Government’s subsidy there is no hike for consumers using between 0-200 units and 201-400 units.


The Full Schedule can be seen here


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