Kudankulam power worries wind farms

Power from unit 1 of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) will start flowing into the Southern grid. This comes as a relief to the small and medium industries while the manufactures of wind energy are a worried lot.

At present, the power generated is fed through the grid set up for the nuclear plant. Once KKNPP starts using this grid, the wind sector will be without a feeder line.

The wind energy manufacturers are already in trouble as the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board distribution wing (TANGEDCO) has not provided links to the power grid in many places. With the ongoing monsoon season, power generation from wind farms has increased but a big chunk of it is not being used. This has resulted in loss to owners of the wind farms. Many of them are up for sale.

TANGEDCO is said to be putting up a distribution network to get wind energy but the manufacturers are doubtful of when it would be in place.

The 6000 megawatt (MW) KKNPP already late by six years faced protests as it was to begin operations. This further got caught in a court battle between the protesters and the Union Government. This went up to Supreme Court where a favourable verdict was got by the plant. The functioning of the plant is under police protection as agitation is underway.

Out of the proposed six reactors built with Russian help, two reactors are ready. The delay in construction and the protests took the cost to Rs 17,270 crore from Rs 13,171 crore. Within 6 months, the second unit will function . The output from two units is 2000 MW.


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