Power Generation for quarter ended June 2013 is 102% of corresponding quarter last year

The total power generation during the period April 2013-June 2013 has been 238.07 Billion Units [BU] which was 102.84% of the actual generation during the same period last year. So far as actual generation is concerned, Hydro generation has been 31278.7 [BU] which is 101.81% of the programme target. Nuclear generation has been 7654 [BU] which is 97.14% of the programme target. However, Thermal generation has been 198194.33 [BU] which is 99.22% of the programme target.
The possible total generation during April 2013-June 2013 would have been 262.21 BUs [loss of generation, considering 90% PLF is 24.14 BUs] which would have resulted in achievement of 109.54% instead of 99.46% over programme.

Source: powermin.nic.in


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