Power theft continues amid checks

Madhya Pradesh Central Region Power distribution Company (MPCRPDC) may have controlled power loss in the form of theft in the heart of Bhopal, but their efforts remain inconclusive in peripheral areas of the city.

There are several zones of Bhopal city circle where the company is experiencing around 70% loss because of power theft.

Out of 22 zones of the city circle, four – Chandbad, Chhola, Karond and Sultania – are considered as the most notorious in term of power theft.

The MPCRPDC is putting all efforts – cables are being replaced by armoured ones and its officials are running checking campaign properly – to control theft and bring down the power loss in these areas.


But they have failed to bring down the loss. However, the officials of MPCRPD claimed that the power loss has been decreased by 5% in the city.

Sources from the MPCRPD said there were several feeders in these zones which are facing losses around 70%.

“As there are several slums in these areas, the power theft is high. The power discom takes action against such pilferers through checking campaign but to no avail,” a highly posted official of the city circle said on the condition of anonymity.

He said some consumers tamper their electric meters.

“Several cases are coming to light that the consumers are tampering meters inserting slow devices into electric meters,” he added.

There are several areas, especially of old cities, where the company has failed to put a break on power theft. The areas where the menace is high are Shahjehanabad, Mother India, Vajpayee Nagar, Barela Gaon, Shahid Nagar, Chhola Mandir, Arif Nagar, Nawab Colony, Jatkhedi, Nariyal Kheda, Chandbad, Karond etc.

The MPCRPD had handed over the power distribution responsibility of Chandbad, Chhola and Karond zones to a Delhi-based private company — Shyam Indus Power Solution. But the move brought little success in controlling power theft in the areas.

After facing financial loss, the company left, handing the responsibility over to MPCRPD in September 2012.


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