India ministry of Coal research to improve efficiency and efficacy of coal

Indian government has been promoting R&D activities in Coal & Lignite Sectors for improving efficiency and efficacy of coal for its wider acceptance to various industries. This information was given by the Minister of State for Coal, Mr Pratik PrakashBapu Patil in Rajya Sabha.

The Minister said that a number of such projects completed so far by Central Mine Planning and Design Institute are:

Resource assessment and characterization study of non-coking coal for sponge iron industry -A study to identify non-coking coal resources, which can produce “sponge iron grade coal”. The research study proved that the most of the Indian non coking coals including inferior grade are suitable for sponge iron making as such or after beneficiation.

Resource survey, characterization and blending studies of low volatile coal for their use in steel industry -A research workwith an aim to identify resource of low volatile coking coals in the lower seams of Jharia Coalfield, Bharat Coking Coal Limited and Karo group of seams of East Bokaro Coalfield, Central Coalfields Limited for their use in steel industries.The investigations carried out on these coal seams, coal from which is presently used for non-metallurgical purpose, showed that there is a high potential of these coals (after washing) to be used as blend constituent in coke making . The clean coals can be used as a blend constituent for coke making in steel plants and the middlings can be used in power plants.


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