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A conducive culture is not a congenital feature of an organisation.  It is built over the years by sheer willingness of the its ambassadors. Few organisations do not bother to pay heed to this aspect, which eventually could lead to a debacle in some or the other form in posterity. Although I’m no Human Resource expert but a brief stint in a company after some experience in the corporate sector overall, gives a fair idea of the fundamentals on which HR in the company works.

Power Distribution Franchisee broadly consists of 2 essentials, one involving the technical issues & the other being the commercial roadblocks.  Vaguely it may appear that the technical issues constitute more than half of the problem. But it’s the people management in & out that makes a successful venture out of such a model. Incorporating technical upgradations on a massive scale involves immense public support, in the absence of which ,the efforts may prove fatal. We frequently come across the cases of manhandling, employees being hurt. They very well reflect that the basic premise that needs to be taken care of is the human resource.

Same goes for the intra-organisation  matters. In order to avoid formation of a violent/illegal union & at the same time ensuring a smooth operation, the company must ensure it pays adequate attention to the employees at lower levels, who actually do a lot of physical work.  So the role of HR deptt. ,though seems negligible, is  a prominent one.

A minor negligence can create upheaval in the entire work flow. This’s been observed in many organisations. Getting involved in social responsibility aspects , HR engagements , education initiatives etc. can be other ways to become a part of their reign. The raison d’ etre of the HR deptt. in a company being to ensure a proper communication channel between all involved in the operation.  Also ,the staff engagements with their subordinates should be under a certain degree of vigilante. Any practice of using the subordinates for personal chores must be discouraged . This trend usually begins on a lighter note but adopts a much larger existence if aired for some time. The Indian Companies ,barring a few, have not been able to inculcate transparent policies . This generally leads to disputes based on irrational premises, because in the event of any conflict ,the parties find it really hard to concur ,owing to the lack of supporting clauses to prove their point.

For addressing such lacunae, it has become all the more indispensable for the growing organisations to bring on board the professionals who are trained to effectively take on such issues. This calls for the HR specific courses as already being run by several premier institutes. Companies that still believe they can go on with a poorly trained HR deptt. must be ready to face severe repercussions.

And as discussed, in the context of a power distribution franchisee, the HR deptt. has not to be just another brick in the wall , but  an important pillar that has to hold the company tall & high, whatever the situation may be.


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    This is an interesting article. I would have appreciated had the writer given some reference to continuous training of the various caders for smooth running of franchisee.Human resource required for a Distribution Franchisee has to be limited to essential and more stress has to be on latest in IT usage in the sector along with loss reduction methods and awareness among the resource hired about the business viability of the modeal. This all comes through training and the issues of any bickering in the work force dies down when their need for growth is taken care of

    • saurabh.srivastava says:

      Very true Sir. I missed on that part. Frequent training programs & keeping the manpower updated with IT enhancements takes care of their career growth.Also to be instilled is the ‘viability sense’ of such a model in them.

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