Biju Patnaik airport turns to solar power for energy needs

The Biju Patnaik airport here will generate 100 KW electricity from solar power plant to meet the daily electricity requirements.

This was an eco-friendly initiative of the airport to generate electricity.

The airport has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a Gurgaon-based private firm, Lanco, for setting up the plant. The firm will sell power to the airport.

“According to the agreement, we are setting up the solar panels at our cost. The panels have already been installed at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore. The electricity generation from the solar panels will meet the day time consumption (about 300-500 units) of the airport terminal,” said Lanco project manager Suvendu Kumar Satapathy.

About 360 solar photo voltaic (SPV) panels have been installed near the airport. Each panel will generate 300 W electricity.

“The solar power plant will supplement the power requirement of the airport, which requires 3,000 KW of electricity, to run both the new domestic and proposed international terminals,” said airport director Sharad Kumar.

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