Capacity utilisation of power plants falls unabated

KOLKATA: Figures published by the Central Electricity Authority indicates that capacity utilisation of power plants in the country has been falling despite rising demand.

According to the organisation, plant load factor for the first five months of the current fiscal stands at 66.28% against 69.95% in the previous year, before which it was 73%.

The fall in plant load factor has been a dual factor of utilities not buying and new power plants coming up.

Utilities are not buying additional power as power costs have gone up and they do not have the money to buy all the power they require. They are in many cases not allowed to collect the full cost of power supply added to this is T&D losses as well as theft.

According to CEA, T&D loss on a national level during 2010-11 was about 23.97% while aggregate technical and commercial (AT&C) loss is about 16.15%. AT&C includes theft as well as technical losses.

It has been estimated by CEA that for every Rs 1 of power sold, the utilities are able to collect back 80 piase from consumers rest is either not collected or is lost due to AT&C losses.


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