Demand for electricity increases forcing power cuts in state

JAIPUR: Demand for power in state has reached its peak, throwing off balance all the arrangements of the state government. Six power generating units in the state have closed down forcing discoms to opt for power cuts.

The power distributing companies are resorting to unscheduled power cuts ahead of the festive season for balancing demand and supply gap. The duration of power cuts in the city areas has been short ranging between 30 minutes and 1 hour. It is the rural areas that are facing the maximum power crunch.

“It is a general trend that after monsoon the demand increases. But this year it has surged more than expected reaching 16.50 crore units last week which is equivalent to demand in summers,” said a senior official of Jaipur discom.

The senior official said, “We saw a huge surge in the past one week. This led to some deficit but we will soon rectify it. So far, the situation is under control and we have been able to meet the demand. All household connections are getting supply for almost 24 hours. Farmers too are getting uninterrupted supply for five hours”.

According to a source, the department is facing a deficit of nearly 100-150 lakh units against the total demand for power. Shutdown of six units due to technical reasons have only added to the problem. One unit of 250 mega watt of Chhabra, two units of 210 mw of Kota Thermal Power Station, one 250 mega watt units of Suratgarh and two units of 270 mega watt of Rajwest have been closed this month.

The irregular supply of wind power has also been a cause of worry for the discoms. The installation capacity of wind-based plants is 2,000 MW but on an average only 400 MW is coming from these plants. “There is no stability in wind power. The fluctuations are so high that one day it generated 1,200 MW and on other days it came down to just 400 MW,” added the official.

Meanwhile, the current situation has raised the concerns for the state government. Ahead of festive season and power needed for rabi crops the demand is only going to increase.


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