630 MW Bokaro thermal unit shut

630 MW Bokaro thermal unit shut
Sunday October 27 2013
630 MW Bokaro B thermal Station of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) was ordered to shut down on October 24 as it was found polluting the Kolar River.
The Ash ponds of Bokaro thermal station were overflowing and the ash was being released to the Kolar River which is a subsidiary of Damodar River in gross violation of pollution norms. The Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board had raised serious objection which DVC was unable to address. The Chief Secretary Jharkhand has ordered the total shutdown of the station to save the Damodar River from further degradation.
All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) in a letter to Union Power Minister has alleged that the shutdown of this station is a case of management failure on part of DVC. An enquiry into the events leading to the closure of Bokaro thermal unit and management failure needs to be ordered.
The closure of this station will cause immediate and direct financial loss to DVC as the DVC tariff is governed by CERC and capacity charges get reduced when station availability falls. Capacity charges are recovered through tariff and when station power is zero the revenue loss is immediate.
AIPEF has suggested that a task force or crisis management group may be set up to tackle the ash problem and to revive the plant.


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7 Responses

  1. Mikhan says:

    Maintenance at regular interval for the ash pond as the maintenance of rest of the plant is done could have avoided the closure of 630 MW generation. Bi-product plant under small scale industry could be another option where ash will become input ingradient to the industry at its door step.

    • V K Gupta says:

      The setting up of any industrial unit which uses dry/wet ash should be encouraged .It will help in reducing pollution and help the industry as well.

  2. G S Mishra says:

    This is a case of gross management failure on part of DVC as it has failed to ensure ash disposal and caused pollution of Konar-Damodar river. Progressive managements encourage industry that use fly ash such as cement. In case of 1260 MW Ropar thermal plant in Punjab a cement manufacturing plant has been set up just adjacent to the power plant. DVC management has failed to take short term as well as long term steps for ash disposal.DVC and the country is losing 15 Million units of electricity per day due to closure of BTPS B.The Chairman DVC is answerable and Ministry of Power must step in to control the crisis and revive the power station since Chairman DVC has failed.

  3. Vinod Kumar Gupta says:

    Ash ponds at Bokaro overflowed and started polluting the Konar. This situation did not develop overnight and DVC management failed to ensure ash disposal. Dumping ash to river is a crime as it pollutes the water resource which is the lifeline of the region. The pollution control Board has rightly taken a stand to disallow further pollution. Ministry of Power must set up an enquiry to nail the negligence and failure of DVC officials due to which the power station had to be shut down

  4. Manish Kumar Singh says:

    But it require lot of initial investment

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