CEA convenes meeting of procurer states on Sasan UMPP

CEA convenes meeting of procurer states on Sasan UMPP
Sunday November 10 2013
New Delhi
Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has convened a meeting of the procurer states and Sasan UMPP management on November 12 to discuss the matters relating to the poor performance of running unit.
Ever since Sasan Unit 3 started operating in scheduled mode from August 16 this year the unit has been repeatedly tripping/shut down on forced outage .It may be mentioned that Madhya Pradesh has maximum share37.5% from the project whereas Punjab and Haryana have 15% and 11.25% share from the project.
Sasan UMPP has a levelised tariff of 119.6 paise per unit whereas for the first two years power is to be supplied at 70 paise per unit. Due to repeated outages this unit could achieve a plant load factor (PLF) of only 28% during period from August 16 Aug to November 07.
All India Power Engineers Federation had been highlighting the various shortcomings of Sasan UMPP to various authorities on regular basis. AIPEF has mentioned that after synchronization of unit March 09 this unit was put on trial run in last week of March and a bogus commercial operation of unit was declared from March 31 this year. In the third performance test in August the unit could not run 72 continuous hours above 95% but still the commercial operation of unit was declared.
The poor performance, erratic and unpredictable schedules is a matter of concern particularly to the procurer states that have a share in this project. The second unit of sasan is due for commissioning in December.


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