Raichur power plant in fix over repair work

Bengaluru: Although there is a proposal to undertake exhaustive repairs of Units 1 and 2 of the Raichur Thermal Power Station, inside sources say this is “near impossible” for Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd as it would seriously affect power supplies to the state.

KPCL has been facing problems with Units 1 and 2, which shut down frequently, being nearly 30 years old. The two units together generate around 230 mw of power when their capacity is 430 mw.

It is reported that even the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission has asked the KPCL to do the much-needed repairs. Reliable sources said KPCL is more keen on setting up a super-critical thermal plant with a capacity of at least 600 mw. However, new plant would cost over Rs 3,000 crore, while overhauling of Units 1 and 2 would cost around Rs 400 crore.

The concern is not the cost, said a KPCL official. “In the present scenario, both Units 1 and 2 are important and shutting them down would mean depending totally on the remaining six units,” he said.
These six units also shut down frequently.

Of the eight RTPS units, seven are of 210 mw capacity, while Unit 8 has a capacity of 250 mw capacity. Unit 7 has not been running since September 4, while Unit 8 has been shut since September 14. The KPCL has taken up repairs of both units.

The KPCL official said that the overhaul of Units 1 and 2 will take at least a year and the corporation cannot afford to lose production from the two units.

Source: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/131104/news-current-affairs/article/raichur-power-plant-fix-over-repair-work


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