Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. CEO Describes Business Model for the Development of the Energy Tower

ANNAPOLIS, MD, Dec 09, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (otcqb:SWET) (the “Company”), the inventor of a large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structure capable of producing abundant, inexpensive electricity, announced today the enhanced business model for the development of the Downdraft Energy Tower.

Ronald Pickett, CEO, Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc., commented: “As a result of our recent press releases referencing Solar Wind Energy extending development rights for our Energy Downdraft Towers in both Chile as well as India, we have received an influx of inquiries from around the world requesting information as it would pertain to particular geographic regions, and a desire to participate in our Energy Downdraft Tower Projects. As a result, I want to clarify our business model and define the method by which we are moving forward.

“First, let me be clear, Solar Wind Energy does not intend to develop and build Downdraft Towers unilaterally. Solar Wind Energy owns the patented rights, holds the proprietary information, and has assembled the construction & management team to enable the development of the Downdraft Energy Tower to make abundant, clean, predictable alternative energy at a cost which is competitive with traditional fossil fuel fired plants.

“Solar Wind Energy is seeking potential Developers to pursue Tower Projects in qualified geographic regions around the globe. Solar Wind Energy will, by applying its proprietary Energy Calculator, evaluate the suitability of the site, the size and cost of the project, as well as the energy production. Solar Wind Energy will support the potential Developer in the pursuit of the necessary entitlements for the project. Once these matters have been positively reviewed, then the Developer can exercise permanent development rights.

“Compensation for the issuance of development rights will be in the form of a license fee, project and construction management fees, and a royalty fee based on energy production output to the grid.”

Business Development Update Briefing As previously announced the Company has scheduled a Business Development Update Briefing for December 11th, 2013 at 4:15 Eastern Time, following the Annual Shareholders Meeting. The call will be open to the public and hosted by the Company’s CEO Ronald Pickett, who will provide an update on the Company’s progress along with additional insight into the Company’s business model and facilitate a Q&A session.

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