Interaction Meet on Powering Mobile Towers through Renewable Energy

As you are aware, the use of mobile phones has been increasing quite fast in urban, semi-urban and rural areas of the country. This usage has a great contribution towards socio-economic development especially in rural areas. A number of Mobile Service
Providing companies in public and private sectors have expanded the coverage of their services to reach each and every corner of the country through installation of telecom towers.

To provide un-interrupted services for mobile users, the service providers currently install diesel generators to compensate for unreliable grid supply. It has been estimated that the DG sets installed to power mobile towers during the year 2012-13
account for about 4% of total diesel consumption requiring about 4300 crores from public exchequer towards subsidy.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has directed that DG sets have to be replaced by renewable energy and hybrid systems in urban and rural areas in phased manner with a view to move towards ‘Green Telecom’. Ministry of New and
Renewable Energy (MNRE) has supported the use of solar photovoltaic systems to BSNL for use in telecom towers. The Mobile Service Providers have also opted solar photovoltaic systems, biomass gasifiers, biogas systems and fuel cell systems to power
mobile towers. These renewable energy systems have been quite useful in powering the mobile towers and substituting DG sets. There is a need, therefore, to increase the coverage of such systems substantially within a short period.

With a view to discuss the experiences of use of renewable energy technologies for powering mobile towers as well as perception of Mobile Service Providers and to draw a Plan to accelerate the use of renewable energy systems for powering mobile
towers, an Interaction Meet has been scheduled at 11.00 a.m. on 13th January, 2014 in the Conference Room (First Floor) of MNRE, Block 14, CGO Complex, Lodi Road,
New Delhi. The Meet will be attended by the Senior Executives of Mobile Service Providers and renewable energy companies who have set up systems at mobile towers, senior officers from Department of Telecom, MNRE etc. The Meet will be chaired by Dr.Satish B. Agnihotri, Secretary, MNRE.

The companies like Mobile Service Providers, Mobile Tower Operators and Renewable Energy Service providing companies will participate in the above mentioned Interaction Meet. However, participation is by invitation. Companies may send details like number of systems, Renewable Energy Technology used to provide power in telecom tower and systems design through Mail or Fax. For further details, please contact Dr. N. P. Singh, Adviser, MNRE (e-mail; Telefax No. 011-
24362288) or Shri Sanjay Prakash, Scientist B, MNRE ( Mob: 8800181213) by 10th January, 2014.So that, invitation will be sent

Source MNRE


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