Southern states connect to national electricity grid

 Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh and the Union Territory of Puducherry would now have better access to electricity supply as the region has been synchronised with the national transmission network of electricity (commonly known as the National Electricity Grid).

The development took place on December 31, nearly five months ahead of schedule in May.

”Synchronous integration of the Southern grid with the rest of the national grid will not only augment the inter-regional power transfer capacity of the Southern region but also relieve the congestion being experienced in a few transmission corridors. This would be a boost for the further economic growth of the country. It is likely to take a few months before power flow over this line is stabilised,” the Ministry of Power said in a statement on Wednesday.

The entire country is divided into five regional electricity grids — Northern, Eastern, Western, North-Eastern and Southern. Till now, four grids (excepting Southern) were operating in a synchronous mode. This means, electricity across these regions flows seamlessly in line with the demand and supply matrix.

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