Integrated Power Policy – a Study

The book has discussed various social, economic and environmental issues confronting our society because of ill-conceived policies and practices of the power sector in the country. It has discussed a frame work for people centric, environmentally friendly and sustainable power policy :
In view of the gross inefficiency prevailing in the power sector, it can be said that the power cuts and all the other problems of the sector were/are entirely avoidable. Due to the impact on the society of conventional power projects abd Global Warming implications, the society has no alternative but to be very responsible in managing its electricity demand and conserving its natural resources. The legitimate demand for services of our communities can be met satisfactorily with a national per capita electricity of about 1,000 kWH, provided we ensure highest possible efficiencies in all aspects of our life. This is essential for a sustainable life-style, and the huge potential available in the form of renewable energy sources can provide most of this electricity. In order to move to such a regime a paradigm shift is required and a commitment to involve various sections of the society in the relevant decision making process.

Through an objective review of the power sector in India and the past practices in it, the book has concluded : (i) the true demand for grid quality electricity is much less than the huge figure projected by IEP; (ii) the overall efficiency of the power sector is abysmally low; (iii) the need for additional conventional power plants need not be as high as being planned/built; (iv) the natural resources and the general environment is being seriously impacted by a large number of ill-conceived conventional power projects; (v) an integrated and objective approach to the sector’s multifarious problems can provide a model where the highest possible efficiencies and widespread use of new & renewable electrical power sources can meet the legitimate demand for electricity of all sections of our society on a sustainable basis; (vi) the power sector will continue to impact deleteriously the social, economic and environmental aspects of our society, unless a paradigm shift is adopted in the way our society looks at the demand/supply of electricity/energy.

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