RInfra power users to get relief up to 29%

MUMBAI: A day after BEST increased electricity charges from April 1, RInfra on Friday announced a reduction of 19-29% in power tariff for its two million residential consumers (101-500 unit consumption) in the eastern and western suburbs. Apart from residential users, consumers across all categories will benefit from the slash in charges, which shows an average drop of 12% among all heads.

The reduction in charges was revealed in RInfra’s detailed revised tariff chart meant for the next fiscal year. The new tariff will come into effect from April 1, meaning consumers will have to pay less from next month. The new rates for electricity was approved by Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission, the state regulatory body.

Energy department sources pointed out that the tariff has dropped due to a lower electricity purchase cost following tie-ups with cheaper power sources and the advanced technology-based/low-cost distribution network and infrastructure.

Apart from residential users, the slash in charges will be applicable to those falling under categories such as industrial, group housing and commercial. For those consuming 301-500 units-residential users-the reduction in the electricity charges will be the highest at around 29%, while the slash will be the least for users in the 0-100-unit slot. High-tension commercial category (business establishments) will be offered 11% in charges, while those from the industrial category will benefit with a drop of 20%.

Following complaints from RInfra consumers about inflated bills and additional charges, Congress leaders, including MPs Sanjay Nirupam and Priya Dutt, took to the streets to protest against the power utility firm, demanding a rollback of regulatory asset charges, fixed charges and a reduction in tariff. RInfra had then assured the Congress leaders that the tariff would eventually fall from April. The officials, however, justified the collection of regulatory asset charges, saying it was part of the tariff determined by MERC. The revised tariff from April 1 would continue to have this charge on the bill, sources said.

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