Solar energy firm unveils new solar panels comprised of black silicon

Jinko Solar, a leading manufacturer of solar cells and photovoltaic modules, is prepared to launch a new line of solar panels that are comprised of black silicon. The company suggests that these new solar panels are highly efficient and capable of increasing the energy production of any solar energysystem that makes use of them. When it comes to solar power, efficiency has been a longstanding challenge that has been difficult to overcome. Companies like Jinko Solar have, however, been making strides in making solar power more efficient and a more viable replacement for fossil-fuels.

Black silicon solar panels produce more electrical power and are less expensive to produce

The black silicon solar cells have a 285 watt power rating, which is approximately 20 watts higher than the power rating of most conventional solar panels. The solar cells comprising the panels, called PERCIUM, have a 20.3% conversion efficiency, 1.3% higher than the average conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules. The black silicon solar panels are able to produce more electrical power and are also less expensive to produce and transport, making them a viable alternative to conventional photovoltaic modules.

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