Poor performance of Sasan-Reliance units

Poor performance of Sasan-Reliance units
Wednesday April 2 2014
New Delhi
The procurer states have suffered due to poor performance of Sasan UMPP owned by Reliance in the just ended financial year.
During the first tariff year of Sasan UMPP from August 16 to March 31 the station has delivered 2526.224 Million Units (MU) as scheduled energy with plant load factor being 58.30 %. .
Padamjit Singh Chief Patron All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) said that Unit 3 achieved commercial operation on August 16 and unit 2 on January 28. As per power purchase agreement the station was required to generate at least 80% PLF in which case the energy would have been 3466.30 MU.
The shortfall of generation to the extent of 940.08 MU resulted in reduced availability to the procurer States. Madhya Pradesh has 37.5% share in project while Punjab and Haryana has share of 15% and 11.25% respectively. The impact of shortfall in energy for MP is 352MU, Punjab 46.5MU and Haryana 35 MU.
Padamjit further said that while the market rate of power is taken as Rs 4 per unit as adopted by CERC in its order for assessment of Mundari compensation the first year tariff of Sasan is 70 p/unit. The financial impact on procurer States on account of reduced availability from Sasan is thus Rs 3.30 per unit.
Due to poor performance of Sasan the units 3 and 2 58.3% PLF has led to shortfall of 21.7% PLF which translates to an energy shortfall of 940 MU with a financial impact of Rs 310 crore . The financial impact to procurer states is Rs 116.3 crore for Madhya Pradesh, Rs 46.5 crore for Punjab and Rs 34.9 crore each for Delhi and Haryana.


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