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The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India, in
partnership with United Nations Development Programme/Global Environment
Facility (UNDP/GEF) is implementing a project titled ‘Removal of Barriers to Biomass
Power Generation in India.’ The objective of the project is to accelerate the adoption
of environmentally sustainable biomass power technologies by removing the barriers
identified, thereby laying the foundation for large-scale commercialization of biomass
power through increased access to financing. The global development objective of
the project is to improve electricity supply using renewable energy sources without
increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
The project seeks to promote combustion, gasification, and cogeneration
technologies and focus on grid-connected biomass power projects for electricity
generation using different types of captive and distributed biomass resources. Towards
meeting this objective, the project will provide technical assistance to remove technical,
regulatory, and institutional barriers to widespread use of biomass power. It also
seeks to utilize investment risk mitigation support to promote repeated investments in
biomass power generation projects.
One of the key barriers that the project aims to address is filling the existing
gap in sharing of information and knowledge in the sector. The project has generated/
disseminated knowledge products through various studies related to identification of
barriers, resource assessment, evaluation of performance of the existing biomass
power plants, and reviews of policy and regulatory framework. It has modified the
procedure for empanelment of biomass gasifier manufacturers, and has developed
benchmark norms for material specifications and performance standards for biomass
gasifiers, amongst others.
As part of the ongoing initiatives, the project plans to develop an online repository
of information and initiative on generating energy from biomass. An important step
towards bridging the the knowledge gap is the publication of the quarterly magazine,
BioPower India. Through this magazine, the project will disseminate information to
promote the sector and share learning/inputs from field projects to support policy
and regulatory decisions.


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