Dwindling coal stock may affect power supply

Dwindling coal stock may affect power supply
Saturday August 30 2014
The power supply in some states of country may be affected as one fourth of the country’s thermal plant have coal stock between three to zero days and another equal numbers have coal stock of 4 to 6 days.
As per Central Electricity authority’s (CEA) latest report 26 thermal plants in country where coal stock is up to 3 days and total 52 thermal plants where coal stock is less than 7 days. In northern region there are 17 thermal plants with coal stock of less than 7 days and these includes 6 thermal plants where coal stock is less than 3 days.
The thermal plants where coal stock is less than 3 days virtually operate on daily basis and are fully dependent on daily arrival of coal rakes. Three plants of Maharashtra and two plants of Madhya Pradesh have nil coal stock.
In northern region 1260MW Ropar thermal plant, 920 MW Lehra Mohabatt thermal plants have only two days coal stock as on Saturday. 1500 MW NTPC jhajjar thermal plant ,3000 MW Rihand super thermal,2000 MW Singrauli super thermal,1200 MW Anapara ‘C’ , 705 MW Badarpur thermal and Bhatinda thermal have 3 days coal stock.
Out of the 10 plants that have been forced to shut down due to inadequate coal supplies, there were eight units at five NTPC plants and seven units at five plants operated by the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC). Two units (500 MW and 210 MW) of its Vindhyachal power station in Madhya Pradesh are shut due to lack of fuel from Coal India
705 MW Badarpur plant was being supplied only 65 per cent of the annual contracted quantity by CIL, while NTPC’s 2,000 MW Singrauli plant and DVC’s 1,000 MW Durgapur plant were was getting lesser than their contracted coal quantities despite being located on the pit-head.
With reduced generation due to coal shortages coupled abrupt closure of two major thermal plants of country by Adani and Tata have put the grid security at risk. The power deficient states are overdrawing to meet their daily requirements and power frequency going below 49.5 HZ the grid failure risk looms large over the country.
Adani Power Ltd has reduced output at its Mundra facility in Gujarat by about 2,300 megawatts due to a shortage of coal, two senior officials at state-owned power transmission utility Power Grid Corp of India Ltd said.

As a result of the cut, India’s total generation capacity on Thursday was about 9,110 MW less than its potential demand at peak periods of the day. That gap was nearly twice as wide as at the beginning of the week, according to Power Grid data.

As of now there is no major supply cut, but if the output is not increased soon, we may see outages in some states. The states that could be hit with major power outages include Maharashtra , Punjab and Haryana.


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