After Farakka, NTPC’s Barh proj to get coal through waterways

Enthused by the success of coal shipment to its Farakka power project in through waterways, power major will get the dry-fuel transported to its Barh project in through the same mode. 

“The government has laid a lot of emphasis on inland waterways transportation… Imported coal is supplied to NTPC Farakka plant through the Indian waterways. At least 3 million tonnes per year go through waterways to Farakka plant. It has been successfully implemented,” Shipping Secretary Vishwapati Trivedi said. 

“Coal to NTPC’s another plant in Barh would now be going through waterways,” he added. 

Trivedi said it is a Rs 700 crore project which was implemented successfully after NTPC committed to the Shipping Ministry of picking up 3 MT of imported coal annually for the next seven years. 

He said that after the power major came up with a fixed demand, a tender was floated and the lowest bidder to transport coal was selected. 


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