India coal production to be nearly 1 billion tonnes in 4 yrs – Mr Goyal

PTI reported that the government has set an ambitious target of achieving coal production of nearly 1 billion tonnes in the next 4 years.

Mr Piyush Goyal, Power and Coal Minister, said that “Coal production in the last 4 years has hardly been growing by 1% to 1.5%. For the last year I see production going up by about 6 per cent. I have an ambitious target of nearly a billion tonnes in the next 4 years.”

He said, “We together with CIL can increase coal production to nearly a billion tonnes in the next 4 years and introduce new technologies to enhance production.”

More than half of thermal power plants, at present, facing fuel shortage due to low coal production in the country.

Mr Goyal said that “I see no reason for power plants to suffer the kind of shortage they are doing now for very long. I am confident that once the appropriate measures are taken post the SC judgement and our efforts to increase Coal India production are in place.”

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