Small rooftop solar power plants will contribute the most to job creation in India

Small rooftop solar power plants alone are likely to create 3.25 lakh jobs cumulatively in the next ten years in India, says a report.

“The small rooftop scenario (sector) would contribute the most to job creation, with around 3,25,000 cumulative new jobs in next ten years,” a report by Bridge to India, a company engaged in businesses like Strategic Consulting, Market Intelligence and Project Development, said.

The supply chain for small rooftop systems would include many intermediaries, spreading margins across more layers, it said.

The report divided the solar power sector into four segments — small rooftops, large rooftops, utility scale projects and ultra mega projects.

The average size of a small rooftop solar is 3 KWp (kilowatt peak), the power achieved by a solar module under full solar radiation. The average size of a large scale rooftop is 250 KWp, utility scale project 20 MW and that of ultra mega solar scheme is 1,000 MWp or 1 GWp.

In large rooftop systems, around 2.20 lakh cumulative jobs and in the utility scale scenario around 71,000 cumulative jobs will be created in the next 10 years.

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