Navi Mumbai to house largest solar panel Installation on dam

NEW DELHI: The Morbe dam on Dhavari River in Navi Mumbai is going to house something unique: a solar panel installation big enough to generate 20 megawatt of power.

A three-year-old company that is carrying out the Rs 162 crore project claims the installation to be the largest in the world on a dam barrier, and the first in India. India already has several solar power installations on top of canals, the biggest being an underconstruction 10 MW project on a Narmada canal in Gujarat, but none on a sloping wall. To make matters complicated, the Morbe gravity dam has an earthen slope, said Rahul Gupta, an IIT-Roorkee alumnus and founder of Rays Power Experts, which got the contract from the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

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