Can India reach the global top spot in solar?

When the started talking about the 100-gigawatts-by-2022 target, it seemed intriguing that a 600-megawatts (Mw) solar auction in Turkey last year had generated more excitement in international investor circles than this astonishing number. One of the reasons is that the 100 gigawatts (Gw) is seen as an aspiration rather than a target. If indeed it is a serious target, where is the action plan for implementation? Who are the investors? What are the incentives on offer?

It is true that countries have gone from almost nil installation to 1 Gw in as little as one year – for instance, Romania – or even built many gigawatts in a single year. installed 12 Gw of solar last year – but it has been on the back of generous incentives. India’s power minister has been saying that incentives would in fact be rolled back. Renewables need to be a “self-sustained industry and not dependent on government subsidies,” he said at an industry meet last month.

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