Government decides to speed up Rs 90,000 crore power projects

NEW DELHI: While the government seeks to reform the land acquisition law this week, it has decided to fast-track 10 power projects worthRs 90,000 crore planned by state-owned companies led by NTPC, which have been held up by land-related issues, identified in the Economic Survey as the biggest hurdle for stalled public sector investments.

In a bid to jumpstart economic activity through public investments, the power ministry last week turned to the cabinet secretariat’s project monitoring group to help bring back on track stalled investments involving over 15,600 MW of capacity and critical transmission lines for states such as Jammu & Kashmir.

After factoring in the 10 projects taken up by the power ministry, 305 projects worth Rs 18.85 lakh crore are now awaiting government intervention to get off the ground, including 97 public and private sector power projects with investments of Rs 6.33 lakh crore.

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