Issue of Allocation of Coal Blocks for Karnataka Power Plants

Minister of chemicals and fertilizers convenes a meeting with the union coal minister and political leaders to discuss the issue of allocation of coal blocks for state power plants

Shri Siddarmaiah, Chief Minister of Karnataka had requested the intervention of Shri Ananth Kumar, Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers for taking up the issue of allocation of coal blocks located at Baranj, Kiloni and Manodadeep (integrated Baranj) to their Bellary Thermal Power Station which was earlier allocated to them in 2003 and now cancelled by the Hon’b’le Supreme Court, as discontinuance of coal would adversely affect the supply of coal to the Thermal Power Station from April, 2015.

Chief Minister also requested for allocation of coal mines for their Gaodhna power plant in Chhatisgarh which the State Government has taken up as Joint Venture with NTPC. KPCL has already applied for allocation of coal blocks in both these places. Shri D.K. Shivakumar, Minister for Power, Govt. of Karnataka had also submitted a letter personally to Shri Ananth Kumar for the same issue requesting for his intervention.

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