Power-hungry states to drive smart grid business

With states gearing up to modernise power distribution, theis set to undergo an overhaul. At least five major states with highest power consumption in the country are working with private companies to strengthen their involving smart technology.

Conductors and energy meters have registered a tremendous growth in their turnover with 44.9 per cent and 28.2 per cent, respectively, over the past year, according to the annual report by the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA). The growth of communication cables, largely used in smart grids, has seen a 35.9 per cent growth.is the representative body for the Indian power equipment sector.

Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Gujarat and West Bengal have started addressing the constraints in their grid, entailing technology improvement in the infrastructure.

For instance, India’s largest private power transmission company, Sterlite Technologies, is operating in at least five major power consuming states at sub-transmission level. In the past three years, revenue has grown 10 times to Rs 500-600 crore annually. According to the company’s executives, it will double every year.

“There is a lot of system improvement taking place to prevent grid failures and tripping. Also, cities are becoming high consumption centres. So, utilities are spending more in making sub-transmission smarter and to upgrade their distribution,” said Anand Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer of Sterlite Technolgies.

“There is positive momentum in sub-transmission and distribution of 66 kilovolt products and below. The growth in turnover of MCB (miniature circuit breaker), energy metres and cables is a good sign, as it indicates a vivid pace of development taking place in power and infrastructure sectors of the country,” said Vishnu Agarwal, president, IEEMA.

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