Electricity to cost more for Industrial consumers in Madhya Pradesh

MPERC in order dated 17th April had made the life miserable for already ill health industrial consumers. With effective from 25th April 2015 all HT cosnumers has to pay more for electricity consumed. MP regulatory commission in its order has increased the tariff up to 60 paisa per unit for all HT consumers.

The brief of the tariff hike is shown in below table:

Industrial consumer Existing Energy Charges (Rs/unit) Energy charges with effective from 25th April 2015 (Rs/unit)
Voltage level Upto 50% load factor In excess of 50% load factor Upto 50% load factor In excess of 50% load factor
11 KV 5.2 4.6 5.75 5.2
33 KV 5.1 4.1 5.65 4.7
132 KV 4.75 3.95 5.25 4.55
220/400 KV 4.55 3.85 5.05 4.35

Amit Antil

After doing Power Management (MBA) from National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Amit Antil is now presently working with Today Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. and looking after business development activities for Solar. Earlier he was associated with leading power trading company Global Energy for 3 years. He has a sound knowledge about bidding, power trading, open access, REC trading, Govt. Liaisoning, Contract Negotiation, Power Purchase Agreement.

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