Intervention of state regulator sought for reorganization of PSPCL

Intervention of state regulator sought for reorganization of PSPCL
Wednesday April 22, 2015

A petition has been filed before Punjab state Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) demanding reorganization of Punjab state power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) on functional basis as per tested Patiala model.

Padamjit Singh a retired Chief Engineer and Gurnek Brar a retired Superintending engineer has filed a petition before PSERC that the PSPCL has now come up with a new model which has reversed the whole process of functional reorganization which has serious shortcomings. This model known as Ludhiana and Mohali Model was implemented about 20 years back are proposed to be replicated in city areas whereas full board of Punjab State Electricity Board in 2009 and board of directors of PSPCL in 2010 had decided to implement Patiala and Nabha models by making improvements in earlier functional model of Ludhiana
It may be mentioned that Regulatory Commission have observed that there has been inordinate delay on part of PSPCL in implementing functional reorganization of PSPCL which is causing adverse impacts by way of increased employee costs and deteriorated working as well as affecting consumer service.
The petitioner has claimed that it had initiated “Functional model of Distribution offices” in urban / rural areas on a pilot basis in one of the Divisions. After getting encouraging results, the model has been planned to be rolled out in the entire State within 2 years. Presently, model stands implemented in Patiala, Nabha, Amritsar, Jalandhar and Bathinda Divisions. Project involves re-organization of Distribution staff under a refined two tier system. Existing staff will be re-deployed on functional basis for urban areas to handle technical and commercial functions separately. Project does not involve any additional financial liability and only involves re-deployment of existing staff. Under this model, when fully implemented, a reduction of about 10 to 12% of the revenue staff is envisaged.
PSEB Engineers Association held a meeting with PSPCL management in November 2013 and stressed upon the management to immediately roll out the functional reorganization throughout the state to improve efficiency of the distribution wing. It was informed to the Association by the Director / Distribution that further implementation of the functional reorganization has been with held since some corrections needed to be carried out especially in rural areas.
PSPCL constituted a committee under Chief Engineer/ South to study the results of functional reorganization and give its recommendations. The committee after detailed deliberations concluded that at functional reorganization on Patiala / Nabha model for urban and rural areas has yielded successful results in technical and commercial wings besides improving efficiency with lesser manpower.
The petition has claimed that the Patiala / Nabha model of urban / rural functional reorganization are targeted to attain more efficiency with lesser manpower. This model is going to result in a saving of manpower of the order of 40%. The sanctioned posts as per prevailing norms are 52580 while the requirement under functional setup will be only 30174.
In the new proposed model there is no functional implementation proposed in rural areas except cosmetic changes where the problem of accountability and staff shortage is more acute and requested the commission to stay the implementation of PSPCL office and to issue directions to PSPCL get the functional models evaluated by an independent agency nominated by the Commission which shall work under the supervision of the Commission.


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