Now, pay power bills at IT-based ‘choice’ centres

RAIPUR: Introducing unique innovative pre-funded bill collection model, Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited (CGPDCL) has come up with information technology solution to consumers to pay utility bills in neighborhoods even in remote areas, drastically reducing its operational costs and losses due to non-payments.

“We collect bill payments at 1,700 retail outlets spread across rural areas in 27 districts where consumers can pay their electricity bills and obtain a legally valid system generated receipts,” said CGPDCL chief engineer Ashok Kumar.

“There were instances where a consumer in remote villages had to travel a long distance to pay their bills. Cost of travel to electricity office, many times, was more than the actual bill of a rural household,” he said, adding that now consumers can pay their bill at IT-based “choice” centres, run by state run Chhattisgarh Infotech and Biotech Promotion Society (CHiPS) and retail outlets of Pay Point India, a leading group providing single window for a wide range of services.

State’s power distribution company is the first in country to enter into an arrangement with Pay Point India for innovative pre-paid bill collection model specially designed for electricity boards. Since payment collection from consumers is a major task involving huge costs on account of manpower and infrastructure, electricity boards incur costs and losses due to non-payment and interest cost on delayed payment since the money takes one to three days to reach bank accounts.

As per pre-paid bill collection model, Pay Point maintains an advance or a pre-paid working capital with the electricity board against all bill collections made through its retail networks, set up at different places in almost all districts across state.

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