Over 6 lakh domestic electric connections are unmetered in Madhya Pradesh

Actual power consumption in rural areas remains unaccounted in Madhya Pradesh as 6, 80,187 lakh domestic connections are unmetered and power bills are issued on average basis.

Moreover, 2,12,432 distribution transformers (DTRs) are not fitted with meters that supply power to unmetered agriculture connections.

This causes huge losses to power distribution companies, MP Electricity Regulatory Commission (MPERC) said.

In its tariff order for 2015-16, MPERC has agreed with the objections raised against this unmetered supply of power.

For such agriculture connections, the farmers are charged for the capacity of irrigation pumps they declare to use like 3 horsepower (HP), 5 HP, etc. instead of charging them for their actual consumption by installing meters.

“The discoms should strive to attain 100% metering of balance rural domestic consumers and agriculture DTRs at the earliest so that the actual consumption gets properly accounted,” the MPERC’s tariff order said.

In rural areas of Jabalpur, Rewa and Sagar revenue divisions coming under jurisdiction of the state-run MP East Zone Power Distribution Company there are 3,71,289 unmetered domestic connections and 62,248 DTRs without meters.

Similarly in rural areas of the Bhopal and Gwalior revenue divisions that fall under the MP Central Zone Power Distribution Company there are 1,79,006 unmetered domestic connections and 77,086 DTRs without meters.

In rural areas of the Indore and Ujjain revenue divisions under the MP West Zone Power Distribution Company, there are 1,29,892 unmetered domestic connections and 73,098 DTRs without meters.

“Shortage of manpower, delay in supply of meters by the private firms are some of hurdles coming in way of speedy installation of meters in rural areas,” MP Power Management Company managing director Manu Srivastava told HT.

Srikant Pachori, a farmer of village Belkhedi (Jabalpur), said that he received inflated average bill for his unmetered agriculture connection though actual power consumption was very little on account of frequent rains during the last 13 months.

“The discoms must install meters and have regular reading so that actual bills are issued to the farmers for the agriculture connections,” he demanded.



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