Power supply to be better this summer

Peak power shortage is increasing as the mercury rises across the nation due to the onset of summer. However, greater generation capacity and more transmission and distribution lines have the country better prepared for 2015 summer.

Data from the National Load Dispatch Centre show that for the week of April 5-April 12, peak power shortage averaged at around 5,000 MW. During the week, the highest peak power shortage was at 5,982 MW for April 9. The same during the winter months averaged at around 2,500-3,000 MW.

However, the data also reveal that peak power shortage has come down from last year, when in the same week it had crossed 7,000 MW and averaged over 6,000 MW.

With electricity generation capacity increasing at a faster pace than demand, indications are that power supply could be better this summer.

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Amit Antil

After doing Power Management (MBA) from National Power Training Institute (NPTI), Amit Antil is now presently working with Today Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. and looking after business development activities for Solar. Earlier he was associated with leading power trading company Global Energy for 3 years. He has a sound knowledge about bidding, power trading, open access, REC trading, Govt. Liaisoning, Contract Negotiation, Power Purchase Agreement.

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