Workshop on “SOLAR SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL SPACES –Integrated Solar Energy-Possible Solutions, Policy Incentives across sectors”

Saurja Solar is a young and dynamic organization established in Delhi organized a workshop for implementing solar solutions for Industrial and Commercial Spaces in Bareilly on Saturday, 25th April, 2015 titled “Integrated Solar Energy-Possible Solutions, Policy Incentives across sectors”. The workshop cateredto large participation from various sectors like Cold Storages, Petrol Pumps, Industries and others.The workshop offered a unique platform to adopt Renewable Energy interventions in various Industrial sectors. Thepurpose to organize this workshopwas to spread awareness and educate the society about the immense solar potential available in the country to meet our economy’s energy demand.

Mr. Inder Jeet Tomar, Managing Director, Saurja Solar, highlighted the requirement of Solar energy with the growing economy.He himselfhasimmense experience in cold chain infrastructure. Today, he isrunning a Solar Company because he hasanalyzed and experienced the challenges faced by agriculture sector specifically due to lack of infrastructure such as cold storages and also the rising cost of electricity to run those cold storages. A self-sustainable Cold Storage can thus help in saving valuable agricultural produce and also enable young entrepreneurs in achieving rural electrification through solar.


Ms. Priya Sharma, Director, Saurja Solar highlighted the Company profile and its presence across various sectors.She shared with the audience about Delhi’s net-metering policy wherein the client can sell excess electricity generated during day hours from solar to the Grid.At the end of the session she discussed on Solar potential in the Industry, Educational Institute and Petrol Pumps and our increased focus on contribution for environmental sustainability. She being a professional Company Secretary also explained in a detailed session the Accelerated Depreciation benefit available for Solar developers which further makes the investment in solar all the more attractive.

The 1stTechnical session was on ‘Use of Renewable Energy in Cold Chain Infrastructure Sectors’ talked about energy efficient methods and processes that can be used in the cold storage units – which shall lead to an overall reduction in energy requirements. It also highlighted the use of renewable energy to provide reliable power supply to the cold storages – which would lead to a reduction in use of diesel generators for running the cold storage and hence less consumption of diesel fuel. Also it highlighted various Tax incentives and subsidies available for Solar Projects.

The 2ndTechnical session was taken by Mr. Alok Tripathi, Adviser, Saurja Solar, on the Green Campus Scheme of Ministry of New & Renewable Energyfocusing on “Development of Green Campus/Institutional campus”by suitable architectural retrofitting’s of the entire campus with optimum land use, environmental planning and resource management. A master plan/DPR for the entire campus shall be prepared keeping in view the overall reduction in fossil fuel based energy by 25% within next 5 years throughImproving energy efficiency, conserving resources, enhancing environmental quality, Habitat preservation & healthy living environment and waste, water re-cycling. He also highlighted that the study shall be funded by Ministry’s scheme.

The last interactive Technical session focused on the “Use of Solar energy in petrol pumps”and the positive aspects of solar energy; how we can integrate solar with energy needs of the petrol pumps. Most of the petrol pumps are required to be run on 24×7 and solar can be a successful intervention for pumps operating on diesel generators for more than 8 hours.

The workshop explored new routes in all verticals in Uttar Pradesh. It ended on a positive note for renewable energy opportunities and interventions to mitigate rising energy cost for a longer period.


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